Thank you My curls are prone to do the same, they start as four big clumps but as I scrunch they separate.

The first time I used the YTC conditioner I let it sit for about 10mins. I took the time to shave and do all that other shower stuff I had been neglecting since I had been spending so much time detangling my hair before. After that I have not had as much time to let it sit, probably between 3 and 5 minutes, these were quick showers for me though as my kiddo (3 years) was already awake so I kinda had to get in, get washed and get out while he entertained himself giving his cars a bath in the sink. I am happy with this conditioner though and I think I'll keep using it for awhile.

I went and got the YTC shampoo today as I really wanted something less drying for my son (we wash his hair more often). I decided to try it on a strand of my own hair just to test it out and make sure it wouldn't be to drying and I am very pleased with the results. My hair didnt feel stripped just clean. I also didnt put any conditioner on this one strand but a little fsg and I am pretty impressed. I'll prolly do a whole head wash tomorrow or thursday so I'll update then.