in a video on the mac site a brown girl used morange to conceal the grey tinge that sometimes happens on old acne scars. wow! it was awesome. it pushed me to buy morange. i tried it tonight. nice!!! the girl at the store reminded me it would look lovely on the lips too!
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I did see that video - is that how you used it? Did you just pat it on like concealer?
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to me it's creamy like the pot concealer. i didn't wear it out just tried it for the color match and yes it worked on a very dark pimple i had. it helped it conceal better.

rou, i used a brush to get some off and just got a bit for color so it wasn't gross. yeah it's liptstick but i'm not so sure the ingredients are all that different. so many lines have multi-tasking products these days so it wasn't weird to me.

if i have time in the next day or so i'll take some before and after pics of the area because it is pretty neat
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ok pretty embarrassing to post because i feel bad about these dark marks especially after my skin had been doing so well but i wanted to show how i used the morange lipstick to neutralize the grey/dark mark along with my concealer. i think the morange helped!

the 1st pic was last night, NO nothing on my skin.
the 2nd pic is today with meow foundation, a light application of morange and then with my concealer (layered not mixed)
the 3rd pic is when i added blush (i feel like it looked better in real life and maybe the final shot was a little too close or a weird angle)

this makes me want to take more pics to analyze my skin more closely.
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