I don't see anything wrong with your hair line. I have a really bad hairline.. it's soo wonky! It looks like I have bald spots on my hairline because some of the hairs on my hairline are really fine, but then others are normal. But I don't care and I don't think it's a big deal haha.
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If thats you in your avy your hairline looks awesome to me! I do have definite receding/thinness/and a small missing chunk from my hairline as well. I'm glad you don't think its a big deal. I convinced myself that it was for too damn long lol. Thanks
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Yeah that's me, my weird hairline isn't noticeable when my hair is down but when it's up it looks pretty weird. But I don't care about it and you shouldn't care about yours either cause I don't see anything wrong with yours! Other people don't notice weird flaws that we notice on ourselves so don't worry about it
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