i had long blonde hair and not damaged! but i didnt want to damage it so i thought about keratin straightening for 4 years! IT HAD TO BE COMPLETELY CHOPPED OFF cuz of the same exact promise BUT I WAS NOT EVEN OFFERED A REFUND and im just devistated completely to the point of tears (none of my family and friends even recognize me they said!!!) and thats NOT me at all...tears? maybe the wrong blonde at times and frustrated but never burned!

3 years growing my hair out and 10 years of Yuko (NO PROBLEMS EVER!) down the drain and i dont think i should have to pay to have my hair BURNED to the point it had to ALL BE CHOPPED OFF TO MY EARS. Im so depressed i dont even walk my dog till after midnight and have had comments like "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR" even before chopped now i might as well not even leave the house at all.

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