I was thinking because I was getting such frizz, I needed more and more product. Also, even though I don't like the Deva gels, I did watch the CG dvd they have in the book and she globbed the stuff on so I was following that routine. As Diana said, other products are much more concentrated while Deva gels have more water so you need more of their's but not other brands necessarily.

I'm currently rotating between SS FHG, CJ PP and KCCC - will be trying BB FSG today. I use a leave-in and am doing PTs regularly. Then, after whatever gel I'm using, I scrunch in a very small amount of BHRG. I was hesitant about adding that particular gel because I really dislike hard, producty hair, but using just a little amount still keeps it soft and it does make the shape hold the whole day and it's shiny. That kccc application video helped me too though because she really works the gels through the hair and I was applying it on the canopy mainly because my scrunching was rather limited. I was afraid too much scrunching would create more frizz, but, at least in my case, I realize now it gets the clumps to form and distributes the product more evenly.

PS - diffusing on low gives me more volume too.

Good luck!

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