Let me exit stage right while all this fat talk is going on before I say some dumb **** .......

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LAWD! Well I personally would have loved to read your opinion...even if it's the direct opposite of mine. I like when you post because to me it's not dumb *** whether I agree or not. It gives another perspective for people (including myself) to ponder.

But if you don't wish to share..understood.
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No I exited because I was on my phone and couldn't fully articulate what I was thinking/feeling and I knew it wouldn't come out right (most likely it still won't but I'll give it the ole college try).

*warning....it's about to get real*

I think what strikes me most about what’s fat/what's not convo is that NONE of the people mentioned are overweight or have weight issues. I mean Christina A gained weight...so what she's a size 4-6 instead of a size 0-2? Mariah Carey even at her heaviest was what maybe a size 6-8? And while lord knows I'm not a Bey fan...I'm looking at her body and trying to see the "fat thighs" that folks are talking about. The other thing that struck me as odd was that some of the most critical folks about Bey, Mariah, and Christina in the next breath were talking about they themselves were “overweight” (but only by a few pounds *insert side-eye here*). I’ve always found it interesting that some of the most critical folks when talking about body image/weight and the like usually fall into the category of being “slightly” over-weight. Not big enough to be big/plus-sized but not small enough to be “skinny”. It’s like the no man’s land of body weight/size and some of the **** that comes outta these folks mouths often times makes me wonder if they are subliminally trying to take the “attention” off of their weight issues and place them on others.

I know that part of the package deal when you are a "celebrity" is public scrutiny of everything from clothing choice, hair, makeup, and weight. But something about the weight scrutiny has always rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it’s because the scrutiny always seems to set the bar a bit extra high for celebrities…higher that most regular folks could ever achieve…which sets this totally unrealistic view of what a woman should look like…which affects us regular folks and leads to unhealthy body image and a whole bunch of other things. Now…please don’t read into this something I’m not saying…I’m not saying it’s the media’s fault that people have negative body images, but I think the media and this “image” plays a huge part in it and fuels it…and I think we (the consumer) continue to fuel the media and the cycle repeats itself.

As far as the words fat/overweight/plus-sized ect….I cringe at the word fat because it’s usually used as an insult. I know that there are some people that refer to themselves that way and it’s their prerogative, but me…I’m good on the reclamation of that one.

Now granted, I’m coming from a completely different end of the spectrum than most of you so my thoughts are peppered with my own experiences. I’ve struggled with my weight and weight issues my whole life, and that’s not an exaggeration. It took a LOT of head work and couch time to get to a place where I accepted myself as is and stopped letting others influence how I felt about myself and the body I live in.

That's just a snap shot of what was running though my head last night. There's more but I'll stop here for now.
Originally Posted by Nappy_curly_crown
You know what? You deserve a bow for this ENTIRE post.
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