Yep, black people seem to be the most interested in someone's racial makeup.
Lots of folks think that black people have a pretty standard "look", and if we stray from that, we must be something other than "just black". The young (early twenties), white women on my job ANNOY me, with that. I wanna say so bad, "Do you get out much?"

This YouTube vlogger, who is as cute as a button with his 17-year old self, is half black/half Japanese, and lives in Japan. People seem to be so fascinated with that. "You SURE you half black????" What? Take a look at his videos, and note how many times it comes up, in some form.

Elle (Quest For The Perfect Curl) has gotten numerous inquiries about "what" she is...and most of those questions have come from black folks, which is downright pitiful. I'm like, "You think ALL black people are dark, with 4b hair?" We got some slow ponies in the race.

If you google certain entertainers/actors, too many inquiries are about "what" they are:

"Is Paula Patton mixed?"
"Is Jesse Williams biracial?"
"What ethnicity is Zoe Saldana?"

Why is that such an issue?
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That boy with the locs is TOOO cute and I feel all dirty and ashamed when I watch his videos.

And yea, I really don't get it. Unless I am having a conversation about history, culture, or ethnicity, the inquiry doesn't cross my mind. Well, I generally think that people are too nosy overall...but that's an entirely different conversation.
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He's so precious. You know what? I went to his Tumblr to see the rest of his pics. He mentioned how difficult it is for him, socially, living in Japan....because of his skin color and hair. Folks don't wanna "sit" next to him? Really. That's fascinating...and sad. He seems like a really nice young man.

I said to myself, "Precious one, if you lived in the States, you would get no rest. Between the girls comin' at you, the boys comin' at you, the grown-behind-old--enough-to-be-your-momma-but-wantin'-to-be-your-Mrs. Robinson women comin' at you....there'd be no problem finding folks to sit next to.
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Oh my goodness your second paragraph is HILARIOUS because when I read the first part, before I even got to the second, I was like, "Shoooo, I'll sit next to him, and then some."
People should be willing to stand by the things they say. Or they shouldn't say them. If your opinion can't stand in the light of day...maybe it should stay in the your head?
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