I used curlmart once. Customer service was great and I like the variety but their shipping is high as heck! I would rathe order directly from the brand. I was gng to order during their Grey Friday sale which was 25% off, but the shipping was more than what the discount took off! To be honest, I get everything I need from the swap boards lol.

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Agreed! I've only used Curlmart once or twice over the years. The shipping is unacceptable even with discounts! I just recently bought something from the vendor's website because even with 25% off from Curlmart the shipping was so expensive it still came out to more than the vendor.

They should consider shipping by weight for one or smaller items versus $9.00+ flat rates. I think if you're ordering lots of products from different vendors it may not be so bad but for one item....uhm, no. Why would I pay $9.00 to ship something I that only costs $8.00?

Also, free shipping should be offered for orders $25.00 and up.

It's a good thing buyers have options now such as Sagenaturalceuticals and AveYou who offer much better shipping rates and a decent selection of vendors.
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