my job just fired me. ibe never been fired. before I was pregnant they said I was the type of person who moves up. just two weeks ago my boss Said I'm a hard worker because even though I'm sick and throwing up I work my hardest. then last week apparently she emailed HER boss saying my productivity was low. the sickest day ive had yet. yet still ingot everything done just like I been have. I've never needed help from another department. I have a drs note for a chair and I've only used that twice in the begining. this doesn't seem right at all. I know it's because I'm pregnant. they cut my hours back from 24 to 15 and he sad we just don't have enough hours that an I got an email saying last Saturday your productivity was low. one day!?! when I've busted my back when I've been so sick yet made sure everything was done and right??! I'm calling a lawyer tomorrow.

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Wow. I sincerely hope things get better for you. You do not need this stress. Good call on calling a lawyer. Hopefully they can help you with this crazy situation.