Can someone explain to me what it means to not spank your kid with anger cause I've heard this before and it makes no sense. I mean if you're not angry wtf you hitting them for in the first place?

Anywho you know what I hate? People who constantly correct how people say things. Like you do realize people come from different places, have different accents, so they're not going to say things like you say them. Like why are you worried about what comes out
my mouth? I know I pronounce stuff differently and I'm stillgonna say it The way I say it because that's who I am.

the way I say it
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It's not cause you are angry. I'm disappointed when my kids mess up, but not angry. That word is not appropiate for the emotion I feel. I spank them as a punishment or consequence, for their actions to teach them self control. It has nothing to do with my feelings and everything to do with my child's. It's not just hitting cause you're mad at them. That's what I think anti-spanking people don't get. My child needs to understand fully that what they did is unacceptable the spanking is the outcome. Most people, if they get angry, try not to spank while they are. I have to have control over my emotions to parent effectively. So I don't spank while I'm upset.
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Thank you. Your explanation seems kind of obvious to me, but...

When I was younger, sometimes the only way to get that disappointment in my wrongdoing across to me was a spanking. People have made a big deal about how children should be treated like mini adults but uh...I don't know what kind of kids y'all knew. Sometimes (many times) talking to your child like an 18 year old who can vote just doesn't work. Like I said earlier in another context, kids can be hella irrational. Once I yanked my hand out of my mom's and ran out into the street because I I thought I saw someone I knew. When I saw how upset my mom was I rolled my eyes. Like woman why are you trippin?! When I got home, my dad tore that asz up. Best believe--even though I didn't yet understand that I wasn't invincible and could get run the hell over by a car...I never ran into the street again.