Ty it's not right. my dad thinks its because I am a liability, I'm constantly having to lift boxes out of a freezer each night and prep for the bakers in the morning. I've never not done a good job. I've even been nervous about lifting them it never complained. I worked at sams club so basically a Walmart store. what they just did was beyond shady. he kept saying the good news is you are rehirable. so then why are you firing me in the first place??

he didn't say straight up because your pregnant but saying my productivity was his way around it when NEVER not even in my sickest day did I need help I got my job done with time to spare. so how is that my productivity?

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I am truly sorry this happened to you, but I agree with your dad. If you are pregnant (whether you complain or not), you really shouldn't be lifting heavy materials, especially if you've been as sick as you've told us and have been losing weight (which is also losing strength). I wish they had let you take leave, but I don't know what their policies are. From what you have described, it doesn't seem like a good environment for your health right now.
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