well I never got a spanking, and I never did anything stupid.

You know what sucks...sitting in a corner. Or saying sorry and having to hug your brother after you got in a fisticuffs with him, or having your parents lecture you. I wish i got a spanking...that seems like the easy route to me. IMO
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But see, clearly your parents knew that... or maybe they didn't.
To be honest, my mother could have taken my books away and I would have been devastated. But perhaps she figured no matter what I do, it's still important that I read.

My mother and father divorced when I was young. My mother always hit me , my dad never did. I was daddy's girl and I knew that I could do whatever I wanted, but at least my mother was there to rear me back. My dad has other children from other marriages, all of whom didn't really have him in the household, until he finally stayed with the last women. His last child came from a woman who spoiled him rotten and of course, daddy never did nothing to him either. Guess where he is right now? Jail. Me, my brother, and the rest of my half siblings who got that tail taxed are record free. My dad always question why this last one ended up so badly. I have my theories...