I used the shampoo today and I am happy with it. But I still ran into a problem with the right side of my hair. I part my hair in the middle to untangle and I always have a very difficult time with the right side. The left side was smooth silky, detangled with absolutely no problems at all. I was soo happy. But the right side acted like I didn't even have conditioner in it. I do sleep on that side the most, but I flip back and forth a lot so end up sleeping on both (prolly 70% right side, 30% left). Should it make that much of difference between detangling?

I do have a satin pillowcase (and sheets!) on back order, but those wont arrive til the end of the month. But I do not wear a sleep cap or anything like that because I haven't found one that will stay on my head. The one I have usually slips at the forehead/ear area and causes a lot of frizz so I don't bother with it.