Okay so I'm 27 years old and for the first time in my life I have what I consider long hair (when blow out and ironed it's to the middle of my back). The issue: the longer it gets the less curly it gets and the flatter my roots get, obviously because of the weight.

Now I know other people have posted similar questions but all the responders give the solution of cutting it shorter, or getting layers. I feel like I've been waiting 15 years for my hair to be this long, and simply cutting it off is not an option. As far as getting layers, I am not really comfortable with that either because it makes it hard to put up in a pony and when i blow it out and iron it (about once a week) I don't need extra body (or frizz; i had layers once before and it was the worst decision i even made for my hair).

I know I'm being a little difficult and may be asking for something not possible, but does anyone have any ideas/tips/tricks on how to deal with my long 2A hair without cutting it (besides a trim). I guess what I'm looking for is to create more spirals or make it more bouncy, and to somehow lift my roots.

(FYI: I use Marc Anthony's "Strictly Curls" products w/ a diffuser)
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Hello Shery!

Ok so yes, you have ruled out a good amount of things :P but, cutting your hair is not the only solution!

as a long haired curly(not as long as id like it its down to below my shoulders when itscurly, down to the middleof my back when straightened) the top of my hair was the most trouble area. However, I did get layers, because I absolutely love the whole big hair on top and less body on the bottom, kind of rocker style :P lol ok now im just babling on...

My tips:

1)Use a lighter product: maybe, if you can get away with it, just on the top of your hair? Like i said, i love big hair (lots of volume on top specially) so when i want an extra kick of volume, I apply a lighter gel on my top layers, and my strong hold stuff on the bottom=heaven.I have 3A hair, and I think you, with 2A hair can get away with a light hold gel? I never tried the strictly curls prods long term, so i don't know how they are

2)Diffuse with head flipped over! also one of my fav. techniques. Flip your hair over and diffuse that way, awesome volume.

3)Use Mousse! Ok. Like i said, i never tried the strictly curlsline, but i have seen it in CVS and i THINK i saw a mousse? I LOVE mousse. It gives me great hold, and it def. gives more volume than a gel. I personally have had luck with Herbal Essence's totally twisted mousse...the purpleone :P I only used this because it was the one i had, but it was pretty good. Another one i have used is the Tressemeone... i think the one for curly hair? not sure if its cg...

4)clips? I am personnally not a big fan of these, but when done right, they help and some ppl swear by them. For me, I just don't have the patience to put them on andthen dry my hair and not get them tangled... BUT whatever floats your boat! lol

That's all I have... let me know if these help! or if you have done them!
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