When my (fine, lowly porous) hair isn't fully clean it dries quicker. On wash day it takes 3 hours to dry, and that's after letting it dry for a half hour with no product. If I applied my oil right after conditioning and detangling, it would take about 5-6 hours to dry. It loves warm or hot water to open up the cuticles to let product in. That stuff about how cold water as a final rinse reduces frizz? It also lays down the cuticle, which is horrible for lowly porous hair as it has a hard enough time getting moisture in.
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Thank you! I was never, ever, ever going to do a cold water rinse because I am very cold natured and just couldn't see myself torturing myself that way. I suspected it would make little difference to my low porosity tresses anyway and you've just confirmed it.

Any opening my hair cuticles do during my shampoo process I close back down with aloe vera juice mixed in my LI. This works for me...
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