My questions are:
1. How can DT effectively?
2. Are oils really THAT important, like when I was relaxed, I had to moisturize and seal daily, but now that I'm natural, do I still have to do that?
3. Since I'm LP, now that I've got moisture in my hair, will the moisture stay?
Is build-up easy to get?

Thank you!
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1. Apply your DC after you've thoroughly wet your hair with warm water. This ensure that the cuticle is opened so that it can receive moisture. Put a plastic cap or bag over your head and place some source of heat over it (handheld or tabletop hair dryer). DC for at least 30 minutes. You don't have to have the heat on your head that whole time (I have a handheld dryer, totally lazy about that).
2. It's still important to moisturize and seal. Or at least seal, since water is moisture. My hair is healthy and I forgo moisturizing after conditioning. Low porosity hair does mean that the moisture doesn't leave your hair as quickly, but you still want it to stay in there!
3. Build-up is very easy to get. As you mentioned, creamy products sit on top of your hair. Choose lighter products (some of Shea Moisture's conditioners are very light) and oils to prevent build-up. Heavy products will weigh your hair down and over moisturize your hair, which can lead to breakage.

Extra credit: After washing and conditioning your hair, let it dry without any product for 15-30 minutes. This cuts down the time it will take to dry when you do apply your moisturizer and/or oil.

Hope this helps!
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And to add another tip, after applying my LI (which is the final step for me) I always air dry part of the time with using the scarf method (this helps the LI to get inside our notoriously hard to open hair cuticles and help with moisturizing) and then air dry completely uncovered.

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