did you hurt your knee while working out or outside of working out?

i'm a fitness instructor and i'm always looking for new ways to vary my classes. i like jeanette jenkins, jillian michaels and jackie warner.

i recently bought amy dixon breathless body and i like it. it's a tabata workout so great for cardio/fat burn. i like that on every exercise she shows 3 levels so it's good for a new to advanced exerciser. check out the reviews in the link and you can watch a clip. she has other videos you might like too.

i was really interested in turbo jam but it was a little expensive. i might buy it later in the year. insanity is well cra-zee, lol. it's good cardio, no equipment. i consider myself fit but it was hard and i didn't finish. 6 days a week plus my regular classes was hard so i need to figure out how to make it work. my calves were on fire in week 2 from it though. i've heard of people doing it but at their own pace.

lastly i really like the the 10 minute solution videos. you can customize your workout and i will sweat in 10 minutes but you can do at 10, 20 or longer program. i have the one in the link and just bought the bootcamp and the kettlebell one. i see that amy dixon has 10 min workouts. i see some of the 10 min solution workouts in target too.
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