Mip, it's really a question of seasons.

In summer, the weather is very extreme (hot, humid, salty air), so I used Jessicurl HCC and Too Shea. My hair can't handle sulfates at all when the humidity is that high.

In winter, I use KMS Curl Up Hydrator. I love that it seems to encourage my wavier sections to curl more and maintains the curls I have so everything looks more uniform.

I wasn't thrilled by Aveda Sap Moss poo. I'd suggest Dove Moisture Rich poo (if you can get it). Also, it should be far cheaper, even in the UK. The Aveda stuff is expensive--even for a salon brand, and the Dove stuff is far better. What brands do you have available to you? Maybe I can make another suggestion.

Since the UK never gets into the 90s (I remember taking the Tube in June and it being 75 degrees F and there being signs warning people to get off every few stops and get a breather.), I'd say the KMS conditioner is a better choice, especially if you get the more economical liter size.