Thanks. Laurabeth. Have you had your hair cut yet? How did it go?

Does Dove have sulphates in it? I tried a Dove shampoo a while back and wasn't particularly impressed.

The UK does reach the 90s! It usually doesn't happen for many days in the summer, but I think parts of the country have reached 100F! Funnily enough though, summer isn't too much of a problem for me. It seems to be winter, and the 'transitioning' period from summer to winter and back again that's the problem.

The KMS conditioner, for 250ml, is 10.25. That is expensive for a conditioner, but if things work, I'm there.

We really don't have that many options in the UK. We have Frizz-ease, Pantene, Dove, Fructis, etc....and not necessarily the selection within those brands that you have in the USA. Seriously, from what I've read, the choice over there is fantastic. There is a site though, that has some interesting names.
This is the site I'd get the KMS from, if I got it.

As I say, price-wise, there's very little difference between purchasing Jessicurl from Curlmart, and buying from the above site. Aveda Sap Moss would cost 8.50. That works out at approx $19 for the KMS and $15 for the Aveda. The only disadvantage with ordering from abroad is the length of time it would take to arrive.

Thanks for the recommendation, Amneris. It is the orange one. I'm always interested in getting softer hair.