Me! I haven't flat ironed my hair since thanksgiving of '10 and it actually hasn't been hard. The main reason I flat ironed was to show off length but now my hair is fairly long while curly so length isn't an issue.

Don't get me wrong I still have moments where I kind of want to but then I think about how long it takes (2+ hrs to wash, blow dry, then flat iron), how I can't take hot showers, walk in the rain etc, and how it takes about a week or two to behave afterwards and it's honestly just not worth it.

It also helps that I get hit on and get compliments way more often with my hair curly

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hair properties: low porosity, coarse, dense and predominantly 3b I guess

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conditioner - suave professionals
leave in - suave naturals
stylers - shea moisture smoothie and xtreme gel