Curl Pattern: 3a
Density: not sure of density, but gauge is very fine
Characteristics: easily weighed down, not much volume (unless I go completely no CG), flat top that clipping does not help

CG/ModCG/not CG: mod CG-i use a shampoo bar
Hard water or soft water: hard
Average climate/dew points:

Protein section:
Do you PT? If so how often? once every 6 months, but should do more often
How long? 5-10 mintutes
PT with heat or steam? while in shower
Favorite PTs: AI's recipe
Favorite products that contain protein? don't think I have any products that contain protein
Proteins your hair likes? seems to like them all
Proteins your hair dislikes? nope

Moisture section:
Do you DT? If so, how often? yes, about once a year
How long? 1 hour
DT with heat or steam? no
Favorite DTs: don't have any favorites
Favorite products to moisturize your hair: suave conditioner, honey
Ingredient likes: honey and protein
Ingredient dislikes: oils
Do you seal? If so, what do you use to seal? just tried this for the first time, i used herbal essences "all that shine"

Do you avoid humectants? If so, which humectants do you avoid? Do you avoid them at all dew points or only certain dew points? no

Low dew point combos: i use the same products no matter the dew point
Normal dew point combos:
High dew point combos:

HG/Go-to Products: Suave conditioner, KBB milk, honey, ACV
Name the methods, techniques, and tricks that work for your porous hair? argh...idk, my hair is well moisturized and healthy looking, but I have no idea how to style it so it looks neat, it just hangs in my face, so i always end up pulling it back, but could not live without plopping
Spritz and condish, prewash treatments, sealing, etc....nope
Hair: 2a or 3a (not sure), very porous and fine as frog hair
Day 1: Cowash and condition with AO GPB, ACV Rinse,
Co-Kra gel (this stuff is fantastic)

Day 2: KCKT, KCCC, plop, KCCC, plop again, air dry
Day 3: Curly Kinks Satin Roots, Coil Jam
Day 4: IAGirl's PT, KBB DT, FSG

Co-Kra gel is my own concoction of okra boiled in coconut milk. It is a cross between FSG and KCCC and leaves my hair very soft and shiny

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