Hi TrimixDiva,

I am currently trying to give up the flat iron as well. For some reason I get bored with my curly hair so I straighten it and then get bored with that and wear curly and back and forth. But I am trying to stop that because I want to get to BSL this year if it's possible (currently a little past SL) and damaged hair is not very appealing lol. How long are you growing your hair?
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Hey CCW. I feel you on the damage! I also get bored with straight wash n go style so I will be experimenting with flexi rods, braid outs and twist outs. I just realized that my hair can't have it both ways. So I could settle for long straight damaged hair that increasingly breaks off at the ends in which case may not be very long anymore or I can learn to deal with and style my natural curls and have healthy flexible hair that looks Alive. Practice makes perfect.

I would love WL curly but that will take hella years. Im patient though. I'm growing out a BKT which means I technically have 2 textures but I prefer to keep my length and play with styles an trim trim trim till I get all my 3C curls back!

For those that want to join this challenge just post a starting pic. Let's go all of 2012 without putting any direct heat on our hair!

Here's my starting pic, a wet hair pic.
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Anyone throwing out their flat iron? Wanna partner up?-photo-2012-01-12-21.48-2.jpg  
Current State: Just bc'd but still growing out heat damage in the front that goes to the root
High Density, Medium Porosity
Length: Grazing SL curly with tons of layers
Goal: MBL curly? 2019?
Doing what I want when I want!