Just wanted to put in my 2cents about kera straight. My hair has a life of its own. I have battled with my hair for 37 yrs having deep deep thick waves with a frizzy top layer, and an underlayer of spiral curls. I can spend an hour with my flat iron only for it to curl and frizz up again halfway thru the day. My hair needed help, it was getting curlier and harder to manage the older I got. I saw the flyer for ulta and had been researching keratin treatments for months, decided to just go for it. And Im soooo glad that I did. NOW I went into this not expecting pin straight hair, but I at least needed the frizz and curl reduced. I did buy the KS shampoo and conditioner they recommend. I was in love with my hair...until I washed it. And I started to notice it was emitting a horrid smell also, like a musty closet smell, that didnt go away when I washed it. So I called the salon and went back. The manager agreed to re-do my treatment no problem. And after that it was love. The shine was incredible, I can still rough dry it in a fraction of the time and just lightly run the flat iron over a few sections and its wonderful.
That was in August and my hair is just now getting that frizzy top layer again. Quite happy to say it lasted WAY longer than what I expected, almost six months! Well worth the money and I will have it done again soon. Im not sure what happened with the first treatment, I kind of think she didnt wash it all out of my hair, or didnt dry it thoroughly or both. I would say if you're going to have this or any treatment done, especially if its your first time, make sure its a stylist who is experienced in doing them. Save yourself the time of having to re-do it.