*Update to my earlier reply*

The door to aloe has been re-opened, along with wheat proteins. I'm still unsure about the cause of my earlier hair/skin reactions. Who knows. I was having a reaction to several things I came in contact with. I read the ingredients on VO5 hot oil treatment, which has always responded well with my hair, and aloe & WP are the bulk. I've started using products that contain aloe, proteins, limited chemicals, and have been co washing for a week. The results have been wonderful! My hair even held up well during my final (and dreaded) color correct. Sigh of relief. I can now try some of these products!

3a/b (much damage to curl), HP, Medium/thick D (can't confirm until hair grows), Medium/coarse T (depending on layer). Giovanni Smooth as Silk Co, LI treatment, Natural Mousse or gel. Jojoba Oil. Mineral Fussion Curl Care low poo (if needed).
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