So I did this yesterday after my ACV, and got very nice hair. But I realized I've basically been doing this already - though I got the idea from this board ages ago, which means I either already read this thread (very likely) or I saw a video, or read someone's method of doing this in a modified form. Basically the only thing I do different is I don't rake the condish through first before applying upside down, I just scrunch in upside down. Everything else I do is the same - I let it sit in my hair for the rest of my shower, I rinse with cool water (but leave some in), and then scrunch in a bit more upside down after rinsing.

Anyway, my hair was nice and soft with the additional condish raked in, and I did get nice clumps. I still did super soaker with my FSG and Aussie gel; I tend to get too clumpy if I dont super soak just a bit. I got some nice complements though, and yesterday was a damp day, so for my hair to hold up was nice.

Yay for IceQueen, SuperSoaker, and all the great methods developed on here!!
That's me with FSG as my styler!!

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