This is a "good hair day" pre-CG (and, I might add, was taken several years ago when I was much younger):


Here's another, a couple years later. Still pre-CG:

And another . . . look at that nasty horrible hair. What was I thinking?

And lastly (I'm the one sitting down):

Those are all totally natural, btw . . . no blow-drying or straightening, or anything. Just too much brushing. Bleh.

Ok, and now here's AFTER CG--

This is a couple days ago, about 2 weeks after starting CG:

And this is this evening--about 3 weeks into CG, right after it fully air dried (sorry about the picture quality):

I'm happy.
Currently using and loving: KCKT & KCCC, Suave Coconut, BRHG, GVP Conditioning Balm

Next up to try: Protein Treatments

3a/fine/almost waist length when pulled straight; bra-strap length when curly