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Haha, no offense to anyone who has deleted their FB, but it seems that "I deleted my FB account" has become the new "I don't *do* FB." As if not "*doing*" FB was some badge of honor. I have surgeons, lawyers, CEOs, college professors, an electrical engineer, etc. among my FB friends, so I don't think it's an activity only reserved for those lower on the intelligence or socioeconomic scales. I'm a private person, and I keep my private isht private, but I enjoy being able to keep up with old friends and family across the country--people whom I would otherwise never see or hear from. I even found a long-lost, important family member through FB--for free, which would have never been the case without FB.

That said, I do recognize that FB is a platform for all sorts of negativity: attention whoorishness, narcissism, triviality, a forum through which to spread messages of hate, cyberbullying, viruses, scams, etc. People given to these behaviors are going to find an outlet or venue irrespective of FB's existence.

Like anything else in life, it has its pros and cons.

If you hate FB and deleted your account or never got involved to begin with:


If you love it and spend hours each day driving all your "friends" crazy posting each time you blink or take a breath: (I'll just eliminate your updates from my feed--no problem)
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Fb banks on us being morons & giving away our own information freely. The third party companies are having a field day with this. Zynga, marketing research firms, even China is able to see so much more free and paid info beause of Mark Zuckerbergs unethical arse. No matter how you lick the stamp being off is safer than being on.
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Because they couldn't othewise get the info? Because "morons" won't be "morons" without the assistance of FB? LinkedIn anyone? Adsense? Email? Online banking? I'm fairly certain there is some inherent level of danger in anything that is Internet-based, better get off the innerwebs altogether, then, to ensure your "safety."

My account is totally private; you can't even search and find my name unless you're my friend already. I don't play games; "like" or "subscribe" to any businesses, products, celebs, etc.; or share any other private information that would be useful to anyone outside of my circle of friends and family. So, forgive my ignorance, but I don't understand the clear and present danger. I say "hello" to my dad and siblings across the country...look at pics of my old childhood friends and their children/grandchildren/spouses...occasionally share special photos with my family and friends...occasionally share happy life events that only my friends and family will be interested in.

I reiterate, I realize that nothing is 100% safe...but then, nothing in life is.
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