I was out at the mall in a gaming store picking up something for my son when who walked in, but little Henry and his mom!

I recognized him right off the bat, but with all the commotion his mother was making, it was impossible to not notice him. Holy cow that woman was a piece of work. I felt so bad for the kid. She was gushing like I had no idea a mom could gush and making a big fuss.

Jared was friendly, sweet and nice, and his mom had photos of him all ready to be autographed, which embarrassed him when he realized his mom was carrying them around with her. The whole 'stage mother' thing was in my face, and I saw it for what it was pretty sad and humiliating for the child. I felt bad for him and kind of embarrassed myself.

I will cross my fingers that his mom grows up and chills out and starts acting like an adult instead of a giddy teenager.

It was really nice, though, to also get a picture with him. Of course on a day when I was in a rush, no make up and my hair was no where near nice. It figures. ack.

The episode was pretty great though, I thought the blind witch was amazing!

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