It took Paula Deen 3 years to tell people she had Diabetes and her reason:
" I would come with information, and I would be armed to be able to help others."

No, you wanted to be "armed" with a lucrative pharmaceutical deal. Cuz truth is, you may cut back on a stick of butter now, but you been pushing them 40,000 calorie meals on the show for the past three years while you knew you had the "sugah".

Money. That is what it is about.
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I like Paula Deen's personality and her life story. But I've always wondered about the fact that her food is so high in calories, fat, sugar, etc. I wondered if she couldn't make that same interesting food but in a more healthy way. Like some black Americans with Soul Food..instead of using unhealthy ingredients some have switched out that for healthier options but are still able to make great tasting Soul Food.

Now to learn she has's unfortunate. But yeah I think her concern was definitely about her livelihood and that's why she didn't come forward about her condition. Sad.
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Her son has a show now where he makes healthier versions of his mother's recipes. I think it's called Not my mama's cooking. Now that she has announced that she has diabetes, I'm wondering if that's why his show came about.
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