Yes, we definitely have to talk about it! I stayed up super late last night reading. If I could stop crying I could be finished before I pick up my son from school. Lol. But I keep crying... those damn tears get in the way. SMH. That's what I get for reading books like this when I'm PMSin.
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I finished last night so just let me know! The ending was awesome in my opinion.
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Finished! Lol.

The ending was beautiful. Okay, the whole story was beautiful. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish reading because it was seriously getting to me. Haha! I'm not a big crier except when it comes to subjects like this. I'm glad I finished though. It's kind of a happy sad...? What are your thoughts?
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Agreed! The ending was probably the happiest of the saddest endings that he could have written. I loved all of the philosophy stuff about life, death, and the afterlife. I loved all the math references. The characters were well written (albeit overly dramatic in some cases) and very I felt like he got the complex emotions of each person exactly right. I liked how no one was a "Mary Sue" character, everyone had perfections and faults.

The ending was wonderful. I think I reread it like 3 times.

I think I liked it so much because I went into it with the knowledge of what it was: a book with overly intelligent, overly witty, overly dramatic teenagers. Yes, I'd have plenty of criticisms if those qualities are taken into account. But the story, wit, and message triumphed all that in my opinion and I can forgive and forget everything mentioned above for that reason. All of the aspects that were "overly" intense allowed the author to be complex and deep which made me think and I liked that most of all.