Is it possible to not be overweight and have type 2 diabetes or to have type 1 and have never known about it?

Or am I just being over dramatic. Because I swear I have all the symptoms of diabetes
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Yes. Halle Berry has type 2 diabetes and she's probably never been overweight in her life. Get yourself checked out.

ETA..Seems type 1 is eventually fatal unless it's treated with insulin. So you probably do not have that one
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wow I didn't know that. and I totally bolded the wrong parts.

but now I'll def look into getting checked.
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I'm late, as usual, and this may have already been said. But Halle has Type I. Really both are fatal

Skinny people have diabetes too. Actually type I is very prevalent in caucasians. Type II gets a lot of press now because it is often linked to lifestyle habits and minorities eating diets that their bodies are not familiar with and the "Western"/USA diet.

There was an article in last month's Shape or Women's Health about "skinny-fat" people (their words, not mine). The subject of the article was a "physically fit" Asian woman (type ii diabetes is really prevalent in Asian people).

Just wanted to add that in Type I your pancreas is defective from birth. It burns out rather early with seemingly no "wrongdoing" on your part. With type II your pancreas burns out a little later but still early (because honestly your pancreas, if not defective, should last your lifetime) from "wrongdoing", usually slowly. Wrongdoing would be poor diet and/or lack of exercise. It used to be "adult onset diabetes" because the typical afflicted person was middle aged. Nowadays they just say type II because 12 year olds are popping up with it.

Belly fat is believed to be very bad if you're trying to not get diabetes.

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