Wow I didn't know tika sumpter was natural. Pretty hair too.

I was think about this today, is it wrong that I'm jealous of girls that have always been natural? I mean I always wanted to be natural. As I kid I would kick and scream so bad my mom's boyfriend had to hold me down on perm day. When I was 8 I saw the craft and rachel true's hair and wanted that. When I told mom she explained that it wasn't possible because of the perms. That I hated. And fought every step of the way. Up until that point I didn't know what a perm was suppose to do. When I found out I was devastated, and actually told my mother I hated her. And then I got knocked into next week...but anyway I'm rambling. I always feel a bit jealous when a natural talks about how they were never relaxed, or the care their mother would take with their hair. My mom ment well, but she honestly believed baby oil was a good moisturizer. I started thinking about this on the bus coming home from work. There were a group of teenagers coming home from school. One of the girls looked to be about 13 and had what looked to be a 4a/b WnG down to her butt, held back by a cute little head band. I felt so jealous, at that age I would have sold my soul to satan for butt length natural hair. Today I would probably sacrafice my leg to the one titted albino ethiopian (yeah I stole it) to have bra strap length natural hair. And that ain't even that long! I just feel like it's messed up that I have to covet something like long natural hair, I feel like I should have it. Be use to it. And not even think about it. I'm seriously fighting the urge to call my mom in the hospital and go "you robbed me!"
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I've been natural all my life and my hair isn't butt length. *shrug* when you factor in: hair cuts, shrinkage, and plain ole genetics (everyone's not going to grow Disney Princess hair no matter how long they're natural)...there's no guarantee that your hair would be a certain length today if you'd been natural all your life.

The jealousy is pointless.