Soooo, I kind of like that Amber has a (seemingly) good guy interested in her but how old his he? He has to be at least 28 or something and I'm leaning more toward 30's if he's running for office! Did they ever say how old he was? And how old is Amber? I mean, whatever, age is just a number at least she's not in high school (and I believe Hadie had an older boyfriend too, almost forgot about him and I didn't really mind that for some reason).

I'm sort of in between about the whole Jasmine and Crosby thing. I like his new girlfriend and I kind of think Jasmine is mostly feeling this way because he is with someone else. But maybe that's what it took for her to realize what she was missing? Plus they had their sort of "reconnect" a couple of episodes before so...ahhh, I'm torn.

I'm glad Hadie gets to go to the college she wanted.

I feel bad for Zooey. Giving up your child must be so hard. I can hardly imagine. Did they ever talk about an open adoption? Maybe then she could give her baby the watch herself.