Please don't try to tell that girl to cut off her hair just because she's got some heat damage. If you ain't ever had heat damage you should just sit down. There are varying degrees of damage. Take it from someone who has had severe heat damage after a year of the flat iron, a series of protein treatments followed by intense deep conditioning can bring your curls back if you don't have broken bonds. Try treatments first, then after 1-3 months of good maintenance, snip any straight hair remaining. Saved 4-5 inches of my 6 inch long natural hair. Better that than losing the entire thing. I swear some of these natural nazis act like they can use damage as a punishment for daring to straighten.
Hair type: the back and sides have small spiraly curls, the top and front just wave like, "hi! how ya doin?"

Condish: ElucenceMBC, HEHH, my kitchen mixes

Moisturizer: mixed spritz of: H20, aloe vera juice, honey, EVCO, ElucenceMBC

Curl Definer: H20 & a shake, my moisturizer mix.... or aloe vera/flax seed/ic fantsia gel if I'm not being lazy.

Styles: wash-n-go, twists just curl up like my wash-n-go

KinkyKurlyKustard is the DEBIL! The DEBIL!