Really now? Really???
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Yes really. You can't straighten, you shouldn't blow dry, you shouldn't wear weaves or hide your hair under wigs, or put in extension braids, changing your texture is a sin but its okay to do twist-outs and braid-outs to get a curl pattern, all relaxed folks are self-hating.....seriously??? Maybe I don't get out of the NC/4a boards enough cuz these people in the other group are out of their minds.
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But "natural nazis"???? Why does every argument on the internet have to end with a reductio ad hitlerum? The term just rubs me the wrong way.

And who's this "other group"? (inquiring and drama thirsty minds want to know)
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It used to rub me the wrong way until I realized that if you do any of the above there are some naturals who would throw you in the gas chamber. They're that serious about they natural! They crazy no joke.

Facebook natural hair group....Ima give it another week and then Ima probably jet. They too much for me. They over there talking about you telling God you hate the way you are....girl that's a twist out in your hair. What YOU telling God? (They gots mad drama up in there, got nothing on you ladies. Remind me of the gang girls with the razors under their tongues and in between there breasts....crazy!)
Hair type: the back and sides have small spiraly curls, the top and front just wave like, "hi! how ya doin?"

Condish: ElucenceMBC, HEHH, my kitchen mixes

Moisturizer: mixed spritz of: H20, aloe vera juice, honey, EVCO, ElucenceMBC

Curl Definer: H20 & a shake, my moisturizer mix.... or aloe vera/flax seed/ic fantsia gel if I'm not being lazy.

Styles: wash-n-go, twists just curl up like my wash-n-go

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