Please don't try to tell that girl to cut off her hair just because she's got some heat damage. If you ain't ever had heat damage you should just sit down. There are varying degrees of damage. Take it from someone who has had severe heat damage after a year of the flat iron, a series of protein treatments followed by intense deep conditioning can bring your curls back if you don't have broken bonds. Try treatments first, then after 1-3 months of good maintenance, snip any straight hair remaining. Saved 4-5 inches of my 6 inch long natural hair. Better that than losing the entire thing. I swear some of these natural nazis act like they can use damage as a punishment for daring to straighten.
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Really now? Really???
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Yes really. You can't straighten, you shouldn't blow dry, you shouldn't wear weaves or hide your hair under wigs, or put in extension braids, changing your texture is a sin but its okay to do twist-outs and braid-outs to get a curl pattern, all relaxed folks are self-hating.....seriously??? Maybe I don't get out of the NC/4a boards enough cuz these people in the other group are out of their minds.
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Opinions are like you know what so people are free to take or disregard advice.
As far as heat damage, I had it as a permie and I got it cut off because my hair was breaking. My personality is I'd rather cut my losses and make a fresh start than deal with a HAM which is why I bc'd after 4 months. I realize not everyone is comfortable in that. I don't judge. At the same time there are people who have bad damage be it chemical/heat/whatever who are unwilling to cut but gripe over and over again about the condition of their hair. Like that chick in one of the other threads who has heat damage but keeps flat ironing her hair because she says that's the only way she can make it look presentable. I didn't want to waste my time responding. Chile bye.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.