man, for a second i though NC was participating in the blackout.

i think google should be bout it, and blackout the homepage and youtube etc. (not gmail obvs), but i guess they know they can buy themselves out of this situation, so they put that mark ass black box over the logo...
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Well.. I've written to my elected officials about SOPA and PIPA..telling them I'm against it and I expect them to be as well.

And the funny thing is..I KEEP trying to go to Wikipedia like a moron when I KNOW it's blacked out. ROFL! SMDH. Shows how much I love Wiki...even though it's not always accurate. Last night, college kids and school age kids on Twitter were freaking out because many of them had no idea about SOPA and PIPA. Shows how much the youth knows about what's going on...They were TICKED because they needed Wikipedia to complete their homework and it was blacked out!
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Me too! The thing is I'm not even looking for anything important! I always go to wiki for movie synopsis and random facts about people
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I wish to goodness Youtube and Google had participated in the blackout. Because I think more people would be devastated by it if they did..and they put up a small paragraph to explain SOPA and PIPA and a link to a petition against it. I'm telling you folks would have a heart attack if Youtube went offline. Some folks income depends on YT!