Ladies, my fear has been confirmed. They're discontinuing it. Frikkin frik.

Per the email I was sent, they are replacing it with a bar version of the same formula, which makes me stabby, because WHY WOULD ANYONE PREFER A BAR FORMULATION?? They offered to send me a sample, which I accepted, but I'm still pretty peeved that they feel the need to replace this rather than just add the new product to their line. Frik.

They have some resellers that still have it in stock.

Pure Skin Formulations Gentle Cleansing Castile at Goldport Beauty

Pure Skin Formulations Gentle Cleansing Castile, 8oz - Cleansers Toners - eSkinStore

I just ordered a TON of it from one of those resellers. I'm awaiting an email back from PSF regarding shelf life-- I imagine it'll last a long time if it's stored properly, but if I've ordered more than I can use before it goes bad (though I kind of doubt it does?) I'd be happy to resell it at cost to people here.

Ugh. So annoying.

ETA that they're claiming a 2 year shelf life. I've likely ordered too much, if anyone's interested in buying a bottle or two of me, PM me. I'll sell it for cost + shipping to you.
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