But "natural nazis"???? Why does every argument on the internet have to end with a reductio ad hitlerum? The term just rubs me the wrong way.

And who's this "other group"? (inquiring and drama thirsty minds want to know)
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That's pretty much why I gave that reaction. Unless they out there actively killiing off a demographic I think using "nazi" is an overkill. That's like using the word "rape" everytime you got screwed over.

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That's pretty much how I feel about it as well. It strikes me as total overkill when people apply "nazis" and "Hilter" to situations where they aren't anywhere near as extreme. Perhaps it's a little more serious for me because of my background..but I just think likening people that are ballistic about natural hair.."nazis" is very extreme. They aren't carting people off to death camps and seriously denying anyone their right to exist simply because of who they are...they are just a bunch of over zealous advocates of natural hair that down non-naturals in a major way. Hilter and nazis weren't just over zealous or downing people because they didn't agree. They were pure evil to the core and killed millions of inoccent people and still to this days folks are having to deal with the ramifications of that history. Similiar to how blacks in the USA are still dealing with the ramifications of slavery. And I don't think anyone here (at least I hope not) wants to make light of black American history.

I understand to a lot of people..they just think it's "cute" and "funny" to throw out Hilter's name or call folks nazis but in reality some over enthused natural hair zealots are not even remotely comparable. I'm not trying to knock anyone's right to say whatever or put anyone in their place..I'm simply voicing my view on it. No more and no less.
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Ya'll are right I shouldn't have used that word. Thanks for the check.
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