I got my first treatment back in September 2010 and it lasted about 9 weeks. I did get it redone and I am still loving it. I never bought the KeraStraight shampoo and condition. I use Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy shampoo and conditioner. It's way cheaper (like $7 each) and smells awesome! One thing you have to do with any Keratin treament is stay away from shampoos and conditioners with sulfates in them. When you wash your hair, it will feel different from when you use products with sulfates but this "mattiness" goes away when you put the conditioner in.

Now, Im not sure what type of hair I have but I can tell you it is very hard to manage. I could flatiron or press my hair in before I leave the house it will revert back to curly. Wasn't worth it for me so I pretty much kept it in a ponytail. Since the treatment, I wear it down almost everyday. I do find that I dont have to flat iron it everytime I wash it as blow drying my hair tends to get it straight enough. It takes less time to blow dry and flat iron my hair than before the treatment. My natural hair is a dull mouse brown and with the treatment it has a shine I am sure I havent had since I was a baby. Overall, I am a happy camper!!!