Republicans just don't realize how much minorities don't like racism. If they did and actually stopped acting all racist, more minorities wouldn't look at them with suspicion.
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You don't speak for all minorities. I happen to agree with you, but I happen to think the "Obama-ran media" is often just as racist. It's not Obama-ran. This is what many of my Muslim friends and family keep saying, that we need to be cautious of believing what comes from the media. If you look at Yahoo News for instance, every day a negative article about Iran or one of its ME allies. Every. single. day. Most of the media does seem to be very supportive of Obama, but I wonder if it is because they truly want to be. I don't hear Obama say many of the things that these articles express.

With the Paul newsletters, I was watching that closely. Paul denied writing the newsletters at least twice, and even CNN dropped it after that. I don't know what was in the letters because they didn't say. Whether he read them or not, he doesn't remember which I say is probably true. I don't care for Paul one way or the other, though I applaud him for sticking with his unpopular foreign relations stance. If he is a racist, I would not be surprised. I just haven't seen proof and I like proof, not soundbites. I only hope that people will not blindly trust the media on everything just because if they're a Democrat they believe the media is on their side.
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Oh, I am not speaking for you. I am not talking about the media, either. I'm talking about the racist, Republican party, previously known as the Democratic party until they didn't get "states rights" their way back in 1865. And the legacy continues.

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