Legends, what issues did you have with how she was written?

I do think the movie should be rated R. I get that because it's a YA series they want to keep it PG-13, but this is one very violent, gory series.
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I felt that Katniss, as strong as she was, was almost completely powerless. You know how Peeta would say that she has no idea of the effect she has on people? He was right, and it drove me nuts. That made sense in the first book, but I had expected that to change, for Katniss to grow in that respect. I went into Catching Fire expecting to see Katniss have some role in the rebellions in the districts, not one of leadership, obviously, but I expected her to take an active part, even a tiny one. Instead she was completely clueless about everything that was going on.

There were moments in Mockingjay that had me thinking that was changing, but everytime I got excited, she was smacked back down, once again the completely reluctant hero, the rebels' pawn. I kept waiting for her to develop a sense of her own power, to enjoy it just a tiny bit, and it never happened. And then that awesome scene with Coin near the end happens, and...oh, we get to be inside Katniss traumatized mind again instead of seeing the aftermath.

And I can't help thinking that that's not how it all would have happened if Katniss had been a man.
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I didn't like Mockingjay. Katniss being so utterly useless and hiding in cupboards drove me nuts. I have so many issues with that book lol. Gale, Peeta, Prim, her mother, Snow, the epilogue...

I enjoyed the first two books but I do think it gets a bit too much hype/credit than it's deserved *looks around in fear*. Every dystopian gets compared to it now and there are other (better) books out there. In my humble opinion

But any series that encourages reading is great. Im really excited about the movie - love the trailer music.
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Yes to all this. I haven't even finished Mockingjay yet and I have been reading it for weeks. I keep getting sidetracked by other books because it just doesn't hold my attention like the first two.