Not being able to afford the ivy league school your kid just got accepted to, ugh. Dagger!!! That was just painful, for both parents and Haddie. Got husband and I talking about what we would do for our boys. It's tough!

And what the heck is jasmine thinking?!?Double date? Have new GF get me tickets?!? What?! I like jasmine but that's just crazy!!

The dynamic between Sarah and Drew kills me. My kids are in preschool but it saddens me to think it'll be like that some day.
3a/b, fine texture, low porosity, normal elasticity, mod-CG 7/11/11

Poo: KC Come Clean, SM Moisture Retention
CO: CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Argan & Olive Oil, Renpure Argan Oil, YTCucumbers, Sevi Pumpkin
Style: AIF, HESMU, Biolage gelee, KCCC
LOOB for second day hair

Like BS/ACV rinses, limit protein/humectants.