=Current Hair Length=
APL (stretched) (goal for Dec 2011, so I just made it!!)
=Length Goal=
aiming for BSL (or beyond) by December 2012
Co wash/conditioner cleanse 1x per week..set hair in twists with a leave-in conditioner..deep condition when necessary. The end.
=To Reach My Goal=
I'm currently protective styling hard core. My hair looks like this 99.9% of the time:

I only take my hair out to play for special occasions ONLY. Just celebrated my 25th bday Jan 12, so I took my twists down for a twist out:

I re-moisturize my twists every 3-4 days with water, then re-seal with my leave-in.

I'm trying to phase out 'styling products' and stick to conditioner only styling. The product junkie in me MUST die, lol! I want to also start taking a hair vitamin..looking into GNC Ultra Nourish Hair or Hairfinity..we'll see. And of course more water water water! I need to start drinking more water for sure.

I gotta say, it's going to be nice to be apart of this community. Hope to update soon!
BIG CHOP: 8/4/2010
COwash, R/O and LIs: Tresemme Naturals, GF Pure Clean, or Sleek n Shine
Stylers: Afroveda's Totally Twisted Ginger Almond Butter and PUR Whipped Gelly
No Poo: L'oreal Evercreme cleansing conditioner, Deva Curl No Poo` CG a try