I just got these products in the mail the other day, and tried them out tonight. I'm not sure if I used too much of them or what, or maybe my hair is possibly just over conditioned.. but my hair is taking a RIDICULOUSLY long time to dry.. it was sopping wet for so long, and when I finally started to diffuse it, I tried to diffuse it for about 30 minutes and it barely made a difference, the only difference was that it was not sopping wet anymore.. so I just gave up diffusing and I've just been trying to let it air dry and still after all this time it's still pretty wet. My hair is also very flat and weighed down. So I'm not sure if it's the products or that I over conditioned my hair..
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Since no one else has complained about extended drying times, my hypothesis is that you used too much, LOL! My hair is low porosity, so it always takes a long time to dry. I haven't noticed that it's any longer with the CK products than other products.
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