God I am trying everything I know to stay in France right now. This is my last option for an undergraduate B.A degree in a major I actually want to study, and at 26 I feel like a failure everyday because I'm at least 4 years behind everyone else.

If I can't get into school here or work I don't know what I'll have left to do.
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YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!!! Please stop thinking that way - it's of the devil, I tell ya!!

If you're concerned that you're 26 and don't have your bachelor's, in MY personal experience, it doesn't matter. Employers just want to know if you have that paper and some experience, not how old you were when you got it.

I've learned to never associate age with goals. Life sometimes hands out curve balls so it may take a little longer than you'd like to reach a goal, but as long as you're striving for that goal you're never a failure.

As far as I'm concerned, pursuing a dream/goal NEVER has an age limit.

I think it's wonderful that you're living in France and pursuing your dream - and I think THAT'S what you should be focusing on -> YOU and the pursuit of YOUR dream. What you're doing takes a LOT of courage, whether @ 22, 26, or *ahem*...my age.

((((Sending prayers and high hopes your way that you achieve your goals!!!))))
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*speaking in tongues right now* preach Vegas! Soliel you are not a failure my oldest sister had so many bumps in the road before she got her bachelor's at 28 or 29!! Keep pushing!!!

Curse you iPhone!!!
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