Thanks for all the support ladies. It's just that French is moving very slowly for me and my French may not be good enough to apply for school here in September. I'm trying to stay positive but after 3 months it's hard. I keep hearing about folks in their early 20's who're finishing there Bachelors and I'm going to have from scratch if I go to school here.

I'm just down and out right now.
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A lot of people are starting school "late" now. My mother just started college at 53. More and more people start school at a later age or end up going back to school for a higher degree or to finish. We can thank the economy for that in most cases, but no matter the reason, you should go to school whenever you want. As long as you are following your dreams and trying to do something that makes you happy. That is what really matters. I have many friends who have BAs or MAs and still live with their folks because they can't even find a job in their field of study. Don't be discouraged, just keep moving forward. At 26 you are still young. You have plenty of time to do what you would like to do.