Thanks for all the support ladies. It's just that French is moving very slowly for me and my French may not be good enough to apply for school here in September. I'm trying to stay positive but after 3 months it's hard. I keep hearing about folks in their early 20's who're finishing there Bachelors and I'm going to have from scratch if I go to school here.

I'm just down and out right now.
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Are there any classes that you could take that are along the same lines of people that study abroad? I know many people that studied abroad in other countries and knew very little of the national language. Is there any chance that you could get into those types of classes or is that not an option?

Also, now that I was thinking about it, those types of classes are usually just general education stuff which you probably already have credits for? And I know in France college education is really competitive with the Grandes Ecoles and all. Blah