i think the guy can be a positive influence on amber but not if he tries to date her. he's a young and up and coming guy. probably not 30. maybe closer to 25/26. i don't know though, he was driving a volvo, not something a young guy drives. i hope his influence causes her to focus on college and longer term aspirations. interesting that she turned down his dinner offer. i was surprised she did that. he does seem to really value her. this job has been great for her esteem. hmm...what will happen?

drew will really pull away if sarah has a baby with her boyfriend but i hope she will after they had that talk. i like him, he's a nice guy!

jasmine was wrong for pushing up on crosby's date. i wish crosby had just said he didn't feel comfortabledoing a double date or asking his new friend to get tickets. dr. joe saw her feeling bummed that jabari was smitten by crosby's "friend". the girl seems nice. i'd like to see her stick around just as much as dr. joe. all these extra partners are just real life.

i think with the adoption, it would be hard to have a close open adoption, where they sort of jointly raise the kid. i mean maybe she could see the kid at some point later but it might be harder for all involved. most likely the kid will want to meet his real mom though. that's a tricky one though. i wonder if the girl will change her mind at the very last minute. tricky.

as far as hadie, if your parents really can't afford to send you to a school i feel that should be considered. i don't have kids yet but i'm sort of on the fence about kids expecting parents to take out loans or make other huge sacrifices to send them to expensive out of state or private schools. state schools can also provide a wonderful education and parents can help but maybe the kids should have to get the loan or financial aid. i don't know what the right answer is.

so are the parents going to play a lesser role next season while they travel the country?
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