Well, I do highly recommend the book. Her website is a great start but she adds a lot to her book. Enough to be well worth the purchase/read. I really appreciated her story on trying to "figure out" her hair as she grew up. Her enthusiasm and acceptance of her curls is "catching." I was extremely frustrated with my hair when I read her book and she gave me hope that I could some day figure it out. I also read Ouidad's book who is also very enthusiastic. The thing I like about Teri is her "tight" curly focus. I think anyone with curly hair can benefit from a read -- but for those of us with tighter hair is nice to see a natural option. Her discussion of relaxers/straighteners was enlightening (and explains why I ended up with scabs on my head!!!!!) Bottom line: all curlies will find info - but tight curlies will find comfort and acceptance. When you finish her book, you think your curls are natural not wrong.